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How to speed up your Metabolism


Before we learn to lose weight, we should learn why we gain weight.  Lets think of food as energy.  We gain weight when we take in more energy than we can use and likewise, we lose weight when we use more energy than we take in.  This, by the way, is why most diets leave you feeling drained and lifeless.  We measure our energy intake in calories.  A calorie is simply a unit of measure for energy.  We may refer to calories as a method of expressing amounts of energy, but we will not be counting calories in this diet. 


I'm sure you have heard that you cannot change your metabolism.  If you feel that your metabolism is slow and that is why you are overweight, it is a cop-out!  This is your way of justifying why you are obese and letting yourself off the hook.  This attitude will not get you anywhere.  You will just let yourself give up every time. 


Metabolism is your bodys ability to burn calories on a daily basis.  Metabolism in itself is a complicated thing.  If you have a slower metabolism, it may be easier for someone else with a higher metabolism to keep the weight off, but there is hope for you. 


Your metabolism resets itself on a daily basis.  When you eat breakfast, you are actually setting your metabolism for the day.  If you eat a large breakfast, your body will do its best to use up all of the energy you just gave it.  Even if it does not use up all of the energy in the first feeding of the day, it will expect the same amount of energy to come through for the next feeding and it will take the appropriate measures to accommodate your higher intake.  One of the ways it will achieve this is by increasing your metabolism.  I hope you can see why skipping breakfast is a bad idea. 


Lets talk numbers.  If you take in 1000 calories for breakfast, your body will expect to get another 1000 calories for lunch and another 1000 calories for dinner for a total of 3000 calories for the day. 


If you eat 1000 calories for breakfast and 750 calories for lunch, your body will still try to burn 1000 calories for lunch.  When it only gets 750 calories, it will look to your fat reserves for the other 250 calories.  You will have burned 250 calories just by eating.  How cool is that? 


Lets say you eat 1000 calories for breakfast, 750 calories for lunch and 500 calories for dinner.  You will have burned 750 calories just by eating.  This is why we want to use our metabolism to our advantage.  If you throw in 500 calories worth of exercise, you will have burned 1250 calories that day. 


Your metabolism can help you or hurt you, but you can control it.  3000 calories a day seems like a lot.  I just used this number for the example, but you can see how some people can eat more than others and not seem like they ever gain any weight.  Now you can be that way too. 


Most people actually live their lives the complete reverse of this.  They eat a small breakfast or none all, a medium lunch and a big dinner.  It is no surprise that the majority of the population is overweight. 

Another good tip is to never eat 2 hours or less before bed.  If you eat and go to bed, your body can't metabolize the food near as fast and most of it will just get stored as fat.  If you only follow these two simple rules, you will lose weight and keep it off. 


  • Always eat a large breakfast, medium lunch and a small dinner
  • Never eat 2-3 hours or less before bedtime

 Are you beginning to see a pattern here?  Most people have hectic days that only allow for a doughnut and coffee for breakfast (small and full of fat and sugar), A greasy fattening lunch on the go and a big dinner when they finally get home.  By the time they do get home and chow down on that big dinner, it is almost time for bed.  This is a horrible lifestyle and totally promotes obesity. 


After you have lost all the weight you wanted to lose, you can start eating about the same amount for each meal only slightly smaller for lunch and slightly smaller again for dinner.  If you notice that you are gaining weight again, you can simply adjust for a smaller dinner until you see how much your bodys overall metabolism will let you get away with. 

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* Always consult your doctor before starting any weight loss diet program, diet plan or exercise plan.  You should also have a full physical exam and not have any heart problems, health problems, diabetes or pregnancy.  Mike Kelly and/or The eat great diet does not make any claims to improve your health or guarantee any weight loss and cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects experienced from following the eat great diet plan which is only our opinion and is presented for educational purposes only.  Results may vary and are not typical to everyone.  If you are experiencing andy pain or discomfort or have any medical conditions, call your doctor or any medical professional or emergency services like 911 immediately. 

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