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 Weight Loss Tips - Frequently Asked Questions about the Eat Great Diet Weight Loss Plan 
  • How long do I have to wait before going to bed at night after eating?
    Never eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. If you have to eat late, just find something to do for a couple of hours before going to bed. Its better to be a little tired the next day than go to bed on a full stomach. Back to top

  • Can I eat red meat?
    You can and probably should eat red meat occasionally during the maintenance phase of the diet, but red meat should be avoided during the weight loss phase of the diet. Back to top

  • Why should red meat be avoided?
    Red meat takes your body longer to process than white meats. We eat every 4-5 hours, but it takes the body up to 7 hours or more to process red meat. Your body will still be processing your last meal when your already giving it another meat. If you eat mostly white meats, it will take your body 3-4 hours to process your meal and you will be ready for the next meal in time. Back to top

  • What meats are acceptable to eat?
    Any white meat. Chicken, turkey, fish, occasionally pork chops etc. Back to top

  • Can I eat Fish?
    Any white meat fish is ok. Orange roughy, sea bass etc. Salmon is very fatty and should only be eaten occasionally. Tuna is ok as well in moderation. Back to top

  • Can I eat Dairy Products?
    Dairy products like skim milk and low fat cheese can be eaten occasionally in moderation during the maintenence phase, but should be avoided altogether during the weight loss phase. Back to top

  • How much water should I drink every day?
    I drink about 12-13 16.9oz bottles of water a day. I usually drink two bottles along with each meal. Back to top

  • Should I drink water with my meal, before or after?
    You shold drink water before, during and after you meals. It will help lubricate your system and make the food go down smoother and it will help your body to process the food faster and more efficiently. Back to top

  • Can I drink Soda Pop?
    If you are going to, It should only be diet pop, but I really don't suggest it at all. There are elements in diet pop that are still unhealthy, can make you bloated and I believe that many of the sugar substitutes cause cancer. Back to top

  • Can I drink Fruit Juice?
    You can in moderation during the maintenence phase of the diet, but all juices whether natural or from concentrate should be avoided during the weight loss phase. Remember fruit juice contains sugar which we are trying to avoid. Back to top

  • Can I snack on fruit or nuts?
    If your going to snack, fruits and nuts are a great alternative to candy, but remember that fruit does contain sugars and nuts do contain fat and we are trying to avoid simple carbs (sugars) and fats. Also, remember that you will be eating enough at each meal to cary you over until the next meal without snacking. Back to top

  • Can I snack on the eat great diet?
    I don't suggest it. You will be eating enough during each meal to tide you over until the next meal without snacking. Also, since your meals are every 4-5 hours, you shouldn't really feel the need to snack. If you do its just habit and it will pass. Back to top

  • What if I crave sweets or certain foods?
    In the beginning, you may if you usually do, but it will pass. You will be eating enough during your meals and be getting enough complex carbohydrates in your meals that you should not crave sugars anymore. Back to top

  • Should I eat less carbohydrates?
    You should eliminate simple carbohydrates like sugar, corn syrup, fructose stc., but you should probably be eating more comples carbohydrates that you typically do.Back to top

  • What are the best sources of Complex Carbohydrates?
    Pasta, Rice, Cus Cus, pita, potatoes and even bread in moderation. Back to top

  • How do I know how much carbohydrates and protien I should eat?
    Strive to eat 40% protien, 40% complex carbohydrates and 20% vegetables. In a hurry, you can just figure 50/50 protien/carb mix. Since you will be taking a one a day vitamin suppliment, vegetables are much less important, however, they do provide impotant dietary fiber and some vitamins. Back to top

  • What toppings can I put on my potatoes?
    Obviously, you don't want to use sour cream or bacon bits or gravy. You can use salsa, mustard or lemon juice. You can also use the pure meat juice if it has been sifted for grease with a grease seperator or hardened and removed by chilling in the refrigerator. Back to top

  • What Sauce can I put on my pasta?
    Marinara (Tomato) sauce if best, but meat sauce is usually made with alot of meat grease. Stay away from the creamy sauces like alfredo or fettucine. If you order plain pasta in a restaurant, it will probably come soaking in butter or oil. Order it dry and you can add vinegar without the oil or marinara sauce. Back to top

  • Should I take Vitamins or suppliments?
    A high quality one a day vitamin should be all you need. Back to top

  • What if I get Constipated?
    You may get constipated on the eat great diet. The reason for this is because you are no longer eating the things that used to lubricate food while your body digested it, like butter, suaces and gravies, mayonaise etc. Another reason for this is because you are giving your body more food it can actually use and so there is less waste coming out. If you find yourself getting constipated often, you can do things like add a salad with every meal or at least one meal a day. you can eat wheat bread instead of white bread and you can eat oatmeal with at least one meal a day for your carbohydrates. This should regulate you to at least every other day which is fine. If your body still needs more motivation, you can try sprinkling some flax seed on your meals and that should do it. Back to top

* Always consult your doctor before starting any weight loss diet program, diet plan or exercise plan.  You should also have a full physical exam and not have any heart problems, health problems, diabetes or pregnancy.  Mike Kelly and/or The eat great diet does not make any claims to improve your health or guarantee any weight loss and cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects experienced from following the eat great diet plan which is only our opinion and is presented for educational purposes only.  Results may vary and are not typical to everyone.  If you are experiencing andy pain or discomfort or have any medical conditions, call your doctor or any medical professional or emergency services like 911 immediately. 

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